Colour’s Family Artificial Grass




Colour’s Putting Grass uses high-quality monofilament yarn to provide a premium surface. A Premium-quality 15mm pile, designed for a true ball roll!

Colour’s is ideal not only for birdie seekers! The durability offered by the 15mm pile makes it pitch-perfect for flooring, pathways and indoor areas. This product is also great for putting greens, exhibitions or your back garden!


The Benefits of Colour’s: 15mm Thick Artificial Grass

If you’re still unsure about needing this grass in your garden; let’s discuss the benefits of our best-selling Colour’s 15mm thick artificial grass…

☀️ – 8 years of UV protection (and guaranteed!) which means we’re committed to making sure your artificial grass stays looking healthy and green for as long as possible. Worried about the discolouration of your artificial grass? Don’t be! Our 8-year guarantee means you’ll never have to worry about your lawn looking dreary and sparse again.

🌱- 15mm pile height he durability offered by the 15mm pile makes it putt-perfect designed for a true ball roll!

🐾 – Colour’s is pet-friendly which means your furry friends can have fun in the sun playing once it’s been installed in your garden area.


Suitable For:
• Putting Greens
• Balconies and Roof Terraces
• Caravan Parks
• Pool Surrounds
• Walkways and Pathways
• Indoor and Outdoor Gyms
• Exhibitions and Events
Water-resistant, pre-punched backing for drainage