NuGrass is our artificial grass solution. Designed to mimic natural glass down to the slightest imperfection. Our materials are 100% European-made in our production plant in Belgium, this places at the forefront of high quality artificial grass innovations. 

About NuGrass

Transform your garden into a space of tranquillity. Whether you want to put that putting green you always wanted, have a stunning area for friends and family or just don’t want to cut the grass anymore, artificial gardens have many benefits. NuGrass offers bespoke packages which are tailored to your needs and desires. Finance is available with all are packages.

Most of our clients always ask “Is it ok for my dog/cat?”. The simple answer? YES! Installing artificial grass will do away with the unsightly muddy, patchy lawn and also muddy Paws while making your garden a safer, cleaner area for the whole family to enjoy.

We also offer “Dry verge systems” at NUROOF which are a simple and effective way of securing and fixing tiles and slates up roof verges.  We offer a new or retrofit system that can be fitted to most new and existing roof types.

An artificial grass playground is much safer environment for kids as it provides a cleaner, softer, safer surface than grass, gravel, sand and stone. NuGrass artificial grass absorbs impact better than any of them. The artificial grass playgrounds can be sprayed with Pureti which Prevents moss, mould & algae, this lowers the cost and time of maintenance. Pureti also kills bacteria and viruses. Safe play area, safe kids.

Our professional installation service will cover your commercial area from start to finish. We can take care of the design, landscaping and installation of our artificial grass products for your commercial area. Create an ideal, safe outdoor area with NuGrass surfaces. Each grass product is extremely hard wearing and can be installed to any shape, size and colour. Transform all those unusable or unsightly areas into great usable space – all year round!

Benefits of artificial grass for your home

No watering, seeding or mowing required.

Life expectancy of 15 years

UV Stable - No discolouration or muddy patches

Maintenance time and cost reduced

Stays green all year long

Safe for children and pets

Apply now and find out how much you can finance.



We begin by surveying the area, this mean we can get an accurate price. 


Everyone's garden is different, deepening on the surface we may need to dig-up the area. This will obviously affect the price and time of the project.

Leveling off

After the digging process we will then level off the garden to ensure we have good drainage and a flat surface.


Laying The NuGrass

We have many types and thicknesses of grass to choose from. Each have their own different benefits and styles.

Step One

We triple check that the measurements are correct, we have good drainage and the NuGrass is ready.

Step Two

We begin installing your NuGrass of choice, this will be one of the fastest parts of the process. We roll the NuGrass out and ensure its well stuck down.


Finishing Steps

When we come to the end of the job we go over our work and confirm there’s no mistakes and clean up.


Once we are done we will go over every part of the garden and ensure its up to our professional standards. 

Final Clean Up

We know you don't want to clean up after us, which is why we go through every area we worked in and clean our mess. 

What Our Clients Say

Totally blown away by the workmanship, price and the eye for detail from NuGroup. Thoroughly recommend the team for anyone who wants a top class garden upgrade


Paul, Robinson

NuRoof Customer